Port St. Lucie - Jacqueline Crighton

Port St. Lucie - Jacqueline Crighton

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Employer - Dr. Santoriello's Offices

Medical Assisting

Fortis Institute in Port St. Lucie

I think in healthcare it’s become much more technical. 

And with our new employees as well it’s the computer system that’s probably the hardest learning curve, because they usually come in with really good knowledge of their industry, but it’s the computer and each office is very different. 

The most important thing I think is a team player; I’m looking for someone to come in and be part of the team, especially in a small medical office which is where I come from.  I’m looking for someone who is going to fix problems, identify things that need to be improved upon, help the doctor, be their right-hand person.

I believe compassion is essential in the healthcare setting.  I think it’s important that people understand that patients come in with issues that they need addressed and make sure the patient goes home happy no matter what the outcome of their health concerns are, I think is essential.