Cookeville - Philip Hall

Cookeville - Philip Hall

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Employer - Owner, Hall's Family Pharmacy

Pharmacy Technician

Fortis Institute in Cookeville

The pharmacy industry has changed quite a bit over the past few years; there are continued regulations in regard to pharmaceutical care and we want to make sure that we are compliant with those regulations. 

The hard skills that I look at in regards to hiring an individual are:  first of all, I look for someone who is friendly and who has confidence about them.  I look for someone who is well-educated because the education behind that gives them that confidence.

The soft skills that I look for in an individual include an empathetic response and just getting to know people in general.

Fortis Institute is helpful to me when I consider new hires basically because of their integrity.  When I call and speak to them about a student or someone who is coming in and putting in a resume or application, they tell me their strengths and they tell me their weaknesses and I’m able to evaluate the situation and determine whether that’s a good fit for the individual and my company.