Cookeville - Kyle Greer

Cookeville - Kyle Greer

Profile photo of Employer - Practice Manager, Cumberland Dermatology

Employer - Practice Manager, Cumberland Dermatology

Medical Assisting

Fortis Institute in Cookeville

First and foremost, we try to find people that have an engaging personality that are quick learners, but outside of that we look at their past medical background and see what kind of skills they can bring to the table.

They gotta be engaging with that patient. They got to show empathy.  They’ve got to be able to find a way to relate and calm people’s fears; help explain things to people in layman’s terms. 

We are more digital than we’ve ever been so we need people that are able to work quickly.

Fortis is a resource for me when we’re looking to hire new candidates because I can reach out to them, get a full in-depth idea of how that student’s been, how they’ve engaged, how they did in their clinicals, what skill sets they have; they are easy to get ahold of.  Just great communication.