Cookeville - Christy Kinnard (2)

Cookeville - Christy Kinnard (2)

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Employer - HR Manager, Cookeville Regional Medical Center

Surgical Technology

Fortis Institute in Cookeville

Over time it has become more difficult in healthcare to find candidates who are willing to put in effort and the time and get the education to come into the healthcare field. 

Students at Fortis come to us in the beginning, a lot of them, through clinicals and then we end up hiring a lot of them and we have them all over the house.  We have certified pharmacy techs in the pharmacy.  In the lab we have phlebotomists as well as MLT’s.  We have certified medical assistants in our physician practices.

First and foremost, I’m going to look for a candidate that meets the skillset set out in the job description, licensure, and certifications.  But what gets me really excited is somebody who comes in and appears to be passionate about what they want to do and appearing coming for the right reason.