FORTIS Programs

Fortis Institute in Birmingham, AL: Phlebotomy Training

Phlebotomists specialize in collecting blood samples and are trained to work with infectious specimens. A Phlebotomist is also called a Clinical Laboratory Technician. They may prepare specimens and operate automated analyzers, for example, or they may perform manual tests in accordance with detailed instructions.

They usually work under the supervision of medical and clinical laboratory technologists or laboratory managers. Like technologists, Clinical Laboratory Technicians may work in several areas of the clinical laboratory or specialize in just one. 

On the job, Phlebotomists wear protective masks, gloves, and goggles often which are necessary to ensure the safety of laboratory personnel. They often work flexible schedules and in some cases, are on call several nights a week, or on weekends, in case of emergency.

The FORTIS Phlebotomy Technician Training course will provide instruction to you to develop a working knowledge of collecting blood while emphasizing patient safety, quality assurance and standard precautions.

At the end of the course you will be able to:

  • Perform such procedures as capillary punctures, venipunctures, syringe and  butterfly methods of phlebotomy
  • Understand the proper handling and disposal of biohazard waste
  • Understand and adhere to lab safety rules
  • Understand the terminology and body systems associated with phlebotomy
  • Understand the basic law and ethics associated with phlebotomy

Upon completion, you will be eligible to take the International Academy of Phlebotomy Sciences, Inc. certification exam, “Certified Phlebotomy Technician, CPT”. Our curriculum will prepare you through lectures and hands-on-training by an experienced Phlebotomy Instructor.

This course is a non-accredited, non-credit continuing education course for professionals in the medical field.

For more information about the Phlebotomy Training Continuing Education courses, please contact the Continuing Education Department at (205) 940-7800.