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Welders, Are You Familiar with These Techniques?

Skilled TradesJune 18, 2018

New welding technology constantly is being developed and brought to market. As a result, it’s become more important than ever for welders to keep current with these technologies and the welding techniques they generate.

Four techniques that have come into favor recently involve surface tension transfer process (STT), which boosts productivity and typically results in less spatter, reduced fumes, and quicker welding speed. There’s also friction stir welding, which can join aluminum and steel by utilizing a rotating process that create a more secure and stable bond.

The laser welding technique converts light energy into heat and enables beams to travel further without losing their quality bonding capability, while resistance spot welding, which uses pointed electrodes for application of opposing forces, can join aluminum to aluminum.

On top of those technologies, an Ohio State University team believes they have perfected a vaporized foil actuator welding (VFA) technique that creates short electrical pulses in thin pieces of aluminum foil that push two metals together and join them without melting. The bond it produces comes from an impact rather than a seam of weakened metal.

The process bonds a wider variety of metals…from copper to nickel and titanium, and more, including high-strength metals…while using nearly 80% less energy. The thinking is that VFA ultimately will replace resistance spot welding.

If you’re a welder who’s unfamiliar with these techniques, or someone interested in a welding career, the right education can help you stay abreast of evolving technologies and welding techniques. Fortis offers welding education programs in Georgia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. To learn more about the opportunities welding offers, go to our Welding programs page.

Maybe it’ll spark a new career direction for you.