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Space Firms Are Looking for Skilled Workers

Skilled TradesMay 11, 2018

NASA may not be the agency it once was, but that doesn’t mean the U.S. space program is dead. Far from it.

Florida’s Space Coast region is seeking a new, high-tech workforce to ramp up activity and fill jobs with such companies as SpaceX, Blue Origin and others. A recent South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper article highlighted some of the trained workers the space industry needs, including cutters who can work as a CNC (Computer Numerical Controls) operator.

What’s a “cutter,” you ask? The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) lumps cutters in with welders, solderers and brazers because the job they perform is closely related to that of welding. Cutters use heat from an electric arc, plasma, or burning gases to cut and trim metal objects to specific dimensions rather than joining pieces of metal with the same basic equipment.

One of the growing trends among welders today is the use of CNC welding…robotic welding, if you will. A welder trained in CNC welding techniques would have an edge when applying for a CNC cutter position since he or she, would already be familiar with the equipment involved. This is doubly true for a CNC welder who already is a certified “cutter” as well.

While many of the current job openings are in and around Central Florida, it’s not the only area where the “work of space” is carried out. Remember, for example, NASA also had headquarters in Alabama and Texas. Future needs could be almost anywhere in the U.S.

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