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New Technology Driving HVAC Jobs

Skilled TradesFebruary 24, 2015

Prospects for the HVAC industry are looking up this year. Those involved in heating, air conditioning and ventilation agree there’s significant potential for growth in the future. What’s sparking it? A resurgence in housing markets nationwide along with consumer interest and investment in “green” HVAC equipment are expected to stimulate the industry this year, according to energy market research publisher SBI Energy. SBI Energy market analyst Emil Salazar’s top three HVAC forecasts are: (1) product development for zero-energy buildings; (2) growth in Internet-enabled sensor and control devices; and (3) increased demand for indoor air quality (AQ) products. It’s clear, these are not your grandfather’s ventilation, air conditioning and heating products any longer. Strong reasons why Christopher Burney from the University of Mississippi Medical Center believes emphasis on technical education and training for all HVAC technicians is paramount. Whether on the job currently, or looking for a career where you’ll have an impact on the lives of others, new technologies and “green” heating and A/C initiatives are the wave of the future. You’ll want to stay ahead of the curve. Check out the HVAC training at Fortis to learn more about the potential opportunities awaiting you.