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Mike Rowe on Electrical Trades

Skilled TradesNovember 01, 2016

Nearly everyone remembers Mike Rowe from his TV commercials or his days as host of the popular TV series, “Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe.” That program became a tribute to the men and women who filled so-called “dirty” jobs that most Americans didn’t want to do – jobs like electrician, which isn’t so much “dirty” as it is a true “hands-on” job – a skilled trade.

Today, Rowe partners with Mister Sparky to produce a series of how-to videos that guide homeowners through easy-to-handle tasks they can do to help protect their homes from electrical mishaps. As Rowe puts it, “I think they’re shockingly good.”

Ouch – bad pun!

A longtime, ardent supporter of trained skilled trade professionals, Rowe also cautions that whenever you’re not 100 percent sure what to do: “Do yourself a favor; rely on the pros first” – especially around electricity, which can be deadly.

As important as electricians are, not everyone wants to be one, and many of those who do, are not qualified. Rowe sees that as a problem and spends much of his time advocating for more skilled trade professionals to fill the hundreds of thousands of jobs that remain vacant because most Americans believe a four-year college degree is the only path to career satisfaction.

Closing the Skills Gap With a Skilled Trade Education

As CEO of the mikeroweWORKS Foundation, he’s responsible for raising more than $3 million in “work ethic” scholarships for students interested in, and with an aptitude for, mastering a trade. Additionally, just as Mike Rowe is interested in seeing more skilled trades professionals – including electricians – Fortis Colleges and Institutes recognizes the value of training more skilled workers, who are essential to our way of life.

Fortis offers Electrical Trade programs that prepare students to become electricians at campuses in Alabama and Pennsylvania, as well as Electrical Systems Technician programs in New Jersey and Ohio to train for work on low-voltage electrical programs.

Start Your Own Skilled Trade Education

Want to “Be Like Mike Rowe?” Check out our programs such as electrical systems technicians and electrical trades for details and more information. You just may find that leads to a “shockingly good” career as an electrician.