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Employer Spotlight: Scott Merritt, Fire and Ice HVAC

Skilled TradesDecember 03, 2020

Taking the first steps to your new career in HVAC by enrolling at Fortis College Columbus is just the beginning. After a comprehensive training program that balances small class work with plenty of hands-on skill development, you will have the competence and confidence to enter the job market as an entry-level HVAC technician.

HVAC is a growing career field, and the technology is constantly changing. Whether you choose to pursue commercial or residential work,  there are many opportunities in the area. Finding an company that values your education is important, but even more important is one that wants to continue training while you are on-the-job. Our employer in the spotlight, Fire & Ice Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc., does just that. 

A top-rated HVAC company in the Columbus area, Fire & Ice works primarily in the residential market. Because their technicians are working with homeowners every day, good “people skills” are vital.  New employees are matched with a mentor who will oversee their technical work as well guide their listening and communication skills with clients.  

Unique in the industry, Fire & Ice technical training takes place in-house where employees work on the exact same systems they will see in the field.  Their in-house facility is among the largest HVAC training center in the region. To go along with this training facility, Fire & Ice has developed a structured training program that begins with the on-boarding of new employees and then goes on to layout step-by-step competencies required for continued professional advancement. To be eligible for advancement, candidates at all levels must demonstrate a high degree of technical knowledge as well as strong communication skills and a good work ethic.

Owner Scott Merritt says that “investing in good training and rewarding professional advancement,” develops loyal team members. Additionally, helping employees find the best fit in the field is also essential to keeping employees happy. Fire & Ice employees have opportunities to cross-train and can choose to specialize in installation, maintenance and repair and other available roles. 

This focus on interpersonal skills balanced with technical training is visible throughout the company. Employees are expected to be true team players. They know that whatever their role, repair technician, Lead installer or scheduler, they are an important member of the team. This people-centric environment not only results in well-satisfied (and returning) clients, but helps employees reach personal and professional goals.