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Intelligent Lighting Electrical Systems are Gaining Popularity

Skilled TradesMay 30, 2015

Automation in the home helps make controlling all the different aspects of your abode much easier. With the smart home technology on the market today, you will find that you have a host of different choices when it comes to making your home more efficient and making it do exactly what you need. What is Intelligent Lighting? The lighting in your home is very important. The right lighting can help to set the mood. It can help to give you the light you need to read your favorite book. However, for many years, the lighting in the home was static. You could control the amount of light that you had in a room, but it was not always easy. You had to use manual controls that might not always give you the desired effect. If you wanted to change the look of the lighting in your dining room for guests who were arriving for a meal, you couldn’t do it from the living room. Today, things are much different. With the smart technology available, you will be able to control your lighting from remote areas with mobile technology and remote controls. With automated, intelligent lighting, you can even set up controls with motion sensors that will dim or turn off the lights when on one is in the room. You will be able to configure your lights so that they come on when the sun goes down each evening. You can even control your lighting when you are away from home, which is perfect for deterring intruders when you are on vacation. Use of Mobile Technology Makes It Easier Just about everyone today has some form of mobile device. It could be a smartphone, which seems to be in the pockets of everyone from age 5 to age 105.  Beyond smartphones there are tablet devices too. These mobile tools can actually integrate with the intelligent lighting that you have in the home, as well as other smart home technologies. This makes it easy for you to control every aspect of your home right from the iPad, the iPhone, or an Android device. Of course, depending on the type of intelligent lighting and other smart home tech that you have, you will likely be able to control your home with more than just a mobile device. You will have remote controls, screens in the home, and other tools that you can use to set up your home just the way that you need. Mobile Technology Is Moving Faster and Faster Every Day Because of the rapid advances in technology there are opportunities for those who get the training in electrical systems technology and who make the effort to learn the mobile options entering the market every day.  More and more people are starting to utilize smart home technology in their houses, as they want things to be easier to control. These homeowners will need trained installers and mechanics to design, troubleshoot and maintain their systems.  Because of this, you will see an increase in demand for those individuals and firms who have the skills to install these types of products quickly and efficiently.  If this excites you then consider the programs available from Fortis by visiting