How Many Different Types of Nursing Careers are There?

NursingFebruary 21, 2019

Few occupations have the opportunity to open as many doors as nursing. Whether you work in a doctor’s office, on a cruise ship, or in an outpost in a distant country, there are almost as many nursing career opportunities available as there are days in year.

To start your nursing career you need the right education and then you have to pass your licensure exam before you can take your first entry-level nursing position. Once you have a base of experience as a nurse, you can consider advancing your education and your career for positions such as these listed below.

Travel Nurse:

Travel nurses provide general RN services. They typically work with employment agencies to fill needs at hospitals and medical facilities that are short-staffed. The job is perfect for those who love to travel, as it requires nurses to move to new cities for short periods of time.

Forensic Nurse:

If you are a fan of crime shows such as Law & Order and CSI, you’re familiar with forensic nurses. These nurses work alongside law enforcement and legal professionals to help investigate a crime. This includes collecting rape kits, providing support for victims and testifying in court cases.

Flight Transport Nurse:

There are times when air transport is the only way to get critical patients to trauma centers and other medical facilities. In those cases, flight transport nurses accompany patients on board to provide support and monitor vitals during the flights. They also assist in transferring patients in and out of ambulances.  

Cruise Ship Nurse:

Cruise ship nurses offer the chance to travel the world. Many cruise ships offer well-equipped medical facilities, complete with labs, X-ray equipment, a pharmacy, and more. These nurses provide first aid and acute care for illnesses. In addition to working with the passengers, they work closely with the staff to ensure the health and wellbeing of everyone on board.

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