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How to Become an Electrical Systems Technician

Skilled TradesJune 18, 2018

So you want to become an electrical systems technician – do you know what the career actually entails? Electrical systems technicians aren’t exactly electricians, although much of the education and training is similar. Electrical systems technicians combine knowledge of electricity with engineering skill to design, test, adjust and repair electronic equipment, from circuit boards and medical or navigational equipment, to communications and computer tools…even LED TVs. This includes servicing the components that power these pieces of equipment.

Optimum candidates will exhibit good math and mechanical skills, be observant, and engage in logical thinking with good problem-solving abilities. While they typically don’t come into direct contact with power lines, electrical systems technicians may face some risk working with toxic material or hazardous equipment.

So, how do you become an electrical systems technician? The first step is to get the required training to do the job by completing an associate degree program in electronic systems technology, electrical systems, or a related field and enter an apprenticeship program, where available. Then, most settle on an area of specialization…anything from relay or substation equipment, to working on electric motors, industrial equipment, or motor vehicle components.

While certification isn’t always required, it is a recommended next step to provide a pathway to career advancement. If you go the certification route, here’s a tip – don’t let it expire. Keep it current by taking all required continuing education courses in a timely fashion. Now, start building your work experience and on-the-job training that keep you current in the field and leads to added job opportunities and expanded responsibilities.

You can prepare for a career in the profession by learning the ins and outs of working with low-voltage electronic system through the Electrical Systems Technician program offered at select Fortis campuses. Learn more about the field and what it can offer by visiting our Electrical Trades page.