Skilled Trades

When your refrigerator or air conditioner quits working who are you going to call?? Calling All Skilled HVAC Workers

Skilled TradesApril 01, 2020

What do you do when your air conditioner begins to blow hot air or your refrigerator stops working?  Most people would call a HVAC repair service to fix the hot air problem and an appliance repair service repair the fridge.  But did you know there’s a shortage of skilled tradespeople qualified to make these repairs?   Our aging population means that more skilled tradespeople are retiring than are entering the workforce.  While this shortage may present a challenge to the building manager and homeowner, it presents an opportunity for skilled workers! Jobs like these, as well as welding, electrical, HVAC, and facilities management, require both mental acuity and hands-on abilities.  

These are careers that schools like Fortis can prepare you to enter and be successful doing. Not only does Fortis offer an education and hands-on training is such fields as HVAC/R (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration), Welding, Electric Systems Technician, Electrical Trades, and Facilities Management at almost 30 Fortis campuses across the country.  

Learning these skills and beginning a career in the trades can be as rewarding financially as it is on a personal level. You are helping people by doing something that they need to have done and are unable to do themselves. Not only are these jobs rewarding, they also may lead to even greater opportunities. Skilled tradespeople can become business owners as independent contractors as well entrepreneurs who launch their own company.