Skilled Trades

Building a Career in Construction Management

Skilled TradesMarch 03, 2017

Former “Dirty Jobs” star Mike Rowe has long advocated the skilled trades as a solid career choice. With America experiencing a growing skills gap, Rowe argues that now more than ever, the path to happiness doesn’t always require a four-year college degree. He believes learning a skilled trade – such as construction management – is as important today as it was 50 years ago.

“Don’t get so hung up on scoring a corner office as your goal that you forget someone first has to build that office,” he opines.

While Rowe champions trade skills, such as in the construction industry, there are levels of satisfaction and salary within trades. Take construction, for example. U.S. News & World Report ranks Construction Manager #1 in Best Construction Jobs and among its Top 100 Best Jobs. Plus, opportunities for salary and career advancements are rated “above average,” making construction manager an enticing career choice.

Job Responsibilities of a Construction Manager

What would you be doing as a construction manager? Planning and coordinating a variety of projects for residential, commercial and public works buildings, including the coordination of architects, general contractors, subcontractors and construction workers. It falls to the construction manager to monitor the progress and quality of work being done, prepare and compare contracts and bids, review blueprints, apply for relevant permits and licenses, hire/supervise workers, and keep projects on or under budget.

Construction managers need to be attentive to details, creative, flexible and, since they must work with a range of people from laborers to property owners, they should have good communication skills. It’s an ideal career choice for someone who has a general interest in building and design.

Choosing a Career in Construction Management

Fortis offers a Construction Management program at Fortis Institute in Erie, PA, that is designed to prepare graduates for entry-level building construction positions. Featuring such classes as business management, accounting, and technical writing, the program emphasizes construction management. In addition to learning about the building materials and techniques used in the construction industry, students are provided the knowledge to manage job sites, acts as site foremen, and more.

If a career in Construction Management sounds like something that would be a good choice for you, visit our site to learn more.