Skilled Trades

Back to school: What to expect when you enter trade school

Skilled TradesAugust 01, 2021

It’s back to school season, and if you’ve enrolled in trade school it’s going to be different than the experiences you had attending high school or college. While you do sit in a classroom and study course materials for some of your education, other parts of the courses will be very different. If you’re considering a career in the skilled trades, here’s what to expect when you enter trade school.  

You’ll Learn by Doing  

While trade school classes include instructor lectures and guided discussions, a lot of the learning is done through hands-on activities and labs. The instructors often worked in the trades, and they’ll share their first-hand real-world insights in the courses they teach, and you’ll learn by watching them demonstrate different tasks. The immersive experience is designed to get you ready for a job in the trade you’re studying. 

Smaller Class Sizes  

Giant lectures that are held in college auditoriums don’t happen at trade school. Instead, smaller class sizes offer you a more personalized level of instruction. By keeping things small, students won’t get lost in the crowd and are better able to stay on track. Smaller classes also give students greater access to instructors so that you can get your questions answered more easily. This individual attention can help you gain the confidence you’ll need to be successful once you’re working in your first job. 

Shorter Time to Graduation  

If you’re anxious to get started in your professional role, you won’t have to wait long. Trade school programs generally take less than two years to complete, and some can be done in under 12 months. The shorter time to graduate means that every class you take is important to your chosen career.

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