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5 Reasons Military Members Thrive in the Skilled Trades

Skilled TradesNovember 01, 2021

Veterans Day is November 11, 2021, a day to honor and recognize those who served our country. Approximately 200,000 servicemen and servicewomen exit the military each year, and many choose to enter the skilled trades. The reason is that many of the skills and experiences they have while enlisted transfer well to jobs like HVAC technicians, welders, electricians, and facilities managers. If you’re a veteran who’s considering a new career path, here are the strengths you can bring to a job in the trades.

You’re a Team Player 

Safe military operations require strong teams that work in sync. It’s an essential part of daily life. Each member is trusted to do their part and do it well—the outcome relies on the collective effort of the team. A strong sense of teamwork carries over to jobs in the skilled trades, too. For example, installing complex HVACR systems takes a team effort. Being able to communicate and work well with others is essential for successful outcomes.

You Have a Strong Sense of Duty

Completing missions in the military takes individuals who are focused on doing the best job they can. This sense of commitment to excellence leads to positive results—an outlook that transfers well to the trades. For example, welders understand that their role is an integral part of the integrity of a construction project. The job they do helps build important structures like bridges, aircraft, and buildings, and doing it well is something they can take pride in.

You Are Disciplined 

In the military, the mission comes first and guides every decision. Personnel must follow rules and schedules even when assignments become difficult. This strong work ethic is also needed to be successful in the skilled trades. Some jobs may be more difficult than others. For example, installing innovative new electrical systems takes patience and determination. Electricians need to be willing to take their time to get it right because the quality of their work will impact others. 

You’re a Quick Learner

Being in the military requires obtaining a variety of different skills, some which happen on the job. An ability to learn new information and apply it in real-world settings is key. The same is true in the skilled trades. Students are taught skills in the classroom, which they later apply with hands-on training. And many perform apprenticeships that further their knowledge base. Tradespeople should have a love of learning and a desire to continually improve their skills. 

You’re a Problem Solver

Military members must adapt to changing situations and be able to solve problems that arise without warning. This requires an ability to look for the root cause and design solutions. Skilled trades workers must also be problem-solvers. For example, a facilities manager called in to troubleshoot a building leak will need to assess the situation, determine the source of the issue, and execute a plan to fix it. The solution may not always be clear cut and being able to stick with a challenge is what can lead to a positive outcome.

Just like the military, the skilled trades can offer a fulfilling career. If you’re a veteran or a member of the military considering your next move, Fortis can help you with your next step. Visit our website for more information or call 1-855-436-7847 to speak with a representative today.