Skilled Trades

4 Reasons to Consider a Career as an Electrical and Electronic Systems Technician

Skilled TradesJune 12, 2020

There’s no doubt that new electronic technologies enhance our lives and occupy an essential place in our workplaces and homes. Electrical and Electronic Systems Technicians are the skilled tradespeople who install, maintain, and repair those systems. If you are looking for an interesting and essential career path, you may want to consider becoming an electrical system technician. These technicians are responsible for wiring complex systems that bring things to light—literally. But is this job right for you? If these four characteristics sound familiar, you may have what it takes to succeed in the field.

  1. You Like to Figure Out How Things Work
    Do you like tinkering with gadgets, taking them apart to see how they work? An electrical system technician does that for a living. You will be responsible for installing, troubleshooting, and repairing electrical systems. And you will work with a variety of materials like low-voltage wiring, copper and fiber optics.
  2. You Consider Yourself a “Techie
    Some of the jobs you will do can help create smart homes and buildings. For example, you may design, test and repair home theaters, security systems, and computer networks. And, as a result, your work will likely make someone's life more comfortable or more efficient.
  3. You Like Variety
    Electrical systems techs work on a variety of systems, as well as in a variety of settings. You may be called to work on a residential repair one day and a commercial system design the next. Electrical systems technicians may also be involved in complete industrial installation from the ground up. Every day could be different.
  4. You Are Detail Oriented 
    Electrical system technicians need to understand and follow national, state, and local regulations as well as building codes. This job requires strict adherence to safety practices as you can come into contact with hazardous material or equipment, so you need to be good at remembering and following guidelines.

Sound like a fit? Prepare for a career in the profession by learning the ins and outs of working with low-voltage electronic systems through the Electrical and Electronic Systems Technician program offered at select Fortis campuses. Learn more about the field and what it can offer by visiting our Electrical Systems Technician page.