Why Nursing Home Nurses Are So Important

NursingJune 26, 2020

Hospital healthcare workers are on the frontlines of the 2020 pandemic, and it’s important to remember that the nurses who work in nursing homes are heroes, too. As many care facilities have closed their doors to outside visitors to reduce the spread of COVID-19, nursing home nurses provide the important human connection that residents need at a time when they are missing their families. 

While nursing home facility nurses perform tasks that are similar to those of hospital nurses, they have other unique responsibilities.

Resident Care

Nurses are responsible for a group of residents, which could include up to two dozen people. Their primary focus is on patient care such as taking vital signs, administering medicine, applying dressings, monitoring wounds, and inserting catheters. Nurses record any changes in their patients’ health and vital signs, keeping each patient’s records up-to-date records and also keep notes on any on-going treatments. 

Many nursing home residents have mobility issues, and therefore nurses will often have to help them get out of bed, get dressed or move into a more comfortable position and even feed them. As a result, being a nursing home nurse can be a physically demanding job.


In addition to monitoring a patient’s health, the RN in a nursing home is responsible for creating and administering treatment plans. RNs also oversee other nurses and caregivers to ensure they are providing proper care. Additionally, RNs are often the person responsible for communicating with a patient’s family, reporting any changes in their health or living situation.

Relationship Building

Nurses who enjoy the patient relationship aspect of nursing may find working in a nursing home particularly rewarding. Residents are often in facilities for the long term, giving staff time to get to know them on a personal level. Good rapport is important since these nurses are often charged with keeping patients on specific care regimens to enhance their quality of life. 

Is Becoming a Nursing Home Nurse Right for You?

The pace in a nursing home can be faster than that of a hospital, which can be enjoyable for people who thrive on constant activity. Not only are nurses tasked with caring for residents, but they also have to make sure the facility runs smoothly, too. Nurses may be expected to change sheets and bedpans as well as help with personal hygiene, including bathing patients. 

Nursing can be a rewarding career, and if you’re interested in getting on the path to this vocation, Fortis can help you get your start. Click for more information or call us today at (855) 436-7847 to speak with one of our career counselors.