Which Nursing Field is Right for You?

NursingJuly 30, 2015

Studying to become a nurse? Are you already a nurse but unsure if you’re in the right field? Well, those are considerations that certainly generate a lot to think about. The nursing profession is well-respected and expected to continue to maintain strong growth, especially as Baby Boomers age and Baby Boomer nurses retire. 

According to, nurses who specialize in various practice areas could find themselves in the highest demand. But, there are more than 100 nursing specialties from which to choose – which one’s right for you? You could check out some popular lists of Top “Best” Nursing Specialties, but a lot of experts caution against choosing your field that way. You might be a square peg trying to squeeze yourself into a round hole and find yourself stuck in a field you don’t really love. That’s no way to start a career. 

Narrow Down Your Options

One thing you can do is to narrow down your options by first determining which general area of nursing is most suitable to you and who you are. Advocate Health Care has consolidated all those specialty fields into 20 major areas of nursing – from Home Health and Hospice and Critical Care, to Oncology, Surgical and Neonatal Care. That might help in your decision-making. 

NursingLink also offers a Career Coach tool that can help you figure out where you best fit in. The 30-question assessment takes about five minutes, but may be worth the time invested if it shows you where your strengths lie. 

Among the largest nursing education providers in the U.S., Fortis has enrolled more than 5,000 nursing students nationwide and operates over 20 nursing campuses in 10 states. The schools’ nursing educators can also help you focus on the career path that’s right for you.