What it’s Like to Work in an Assisted Living Center

NursingSeptember 01, 2021

September 20, 2021 is Respect for the Aged Day. The holiday was started in Japan in 1966 and is held each year on the third Monday of September. To honor older citizens on this special day, volunteers distribute free lunches and provide entertainment to the elderly. In Japan, elders are highly respected for their wisdom and contributions to society. If you talk to nurses who specialize in geriatrics and those who work at assisted living facilities, many will agree that older patients have much to offer society and those around them. 

An assisted living center is different from a nursing home. Nursing home patients are in a clinical facility and require frequent medical and personal care. An assisted living center, however, offers patients a home-like setting that also gives them extra help where and when it is needed. While nurses working in assisted living centers do administer some medical care, they also provide the type of personal care residents may struggle to do on their own, such as bathing or cooking. Generally, residents of an assisted living center are more independent than those in nursing homes and only need assistance with some activities. 

Working in an assisted living center can be rewarding for a variety of reasons.  

You improve someone’s quality of life  

As we age, daily tasks like getting dressed can become more difficult. Also, many seniors struggle emotionally as they cope with the changes. By providing personal care, you make patients’ lives better. These simple acts of kindness can directly impact their quality of life.  

You support families  

Working at an assisted living center isn’t just about caring for the patients; you may also get a chance to develop relationships with family members who visit their loved ones. The decision to move into a facility is often made by the whole family. By helping care for an elderly parent, you’re also easing the burden for the son or daughter who entrusts their care to you.  

You can develop bonds  

Unlike clinics where people come and go, patients at assisted living centers are residents. That means you’ll get a chance to build lasting relationships with seniors. As you care for them regularly you may get to know them well. These relationships can make going to work more fulfilling.  

You get a glimpse into the past  

Assisted living facility patients have often led interesting lives, and as you get to know your patients, they may share many stories from their lives. You might learn what it was like to grow up during the Great Depression, hear first-hand accounts of Korean, Vietnam or even World War II battles, hear how life was before all our modern technologies or even discover the challenges of being a working woman decades ago. The wisdom the residents share may enrich your own life in a variety of ways. 

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