What It’s Like to be a School Nurse

NursingApril 30, 2022

If you love caring for children, you may have considered becoming a pediatric nurse working in a hospital or pediatric clinic. Another option you may not have considered is that of a school nurse. Do you remember the nurse who worked at your school when you were a child?  They were the person who bandaged knees skinned during recess and cared for a student who became ill while at school. 

While those responsibilities are still part of a school nurse’s job, they don’t end there. Today, school nurses make sure students have what they need to thrive in the learning environment, which can include managing their physical and mental health concerns by creating and coordinating care plans for children and teens. They’ll often work with teachers, parents, and administrators to ensure the health of students.

Beyond treating students, school nurses may administer hearing and vision screenings to help provide early detection of auditory or visual challenges. They will also often train other staff members on CPR and first aid. Additional responsibilities can include safely storing and administering students’ medication, such as prescriptions or epi-pens. And, of course, nurses will often encounter common childhood health issues during the day, such as asthma attacks, head lice, and chicken pox. Less frequently, they may need to treat more serious conditions such as allergic reactions or broken bones.

When you’re a school nurse, every day will be different – how different often depends on the type of school in which you work. For example, opportunities in preschools or elementary schools will likely have very different job duties from positions where you are working in a high school or college setting. 

One perk of being a school nurse is, of course, the hours. Hospital nurses often work 12-hour shifts, weekends, and holidays. However, school nurses’ schedules generally match the school calendar, allowing them to work normal school hours Monday through Friday with time off on holidays, school breaks, and summers.

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