Top Medical Dictionary Sites Online

NursingFebruary 17, 2014


A medical dictionary needs to afford instant access to anyone in the medical profession. Although a doctor, nurse or other medical professional has studied hard and earned a degree, they are still human. There is so much information to store that sometimes small things are forgotten, such as the spelling of a medical term or the side effects of a certain medication. Since the computer has become widely used within the medical profession, a good online dictionary should be available to users. Here are some great online dictionaries for the health care professional.

Medline Plus

This medical dictionary site is helpful because all that you need do is type the first few letters of the word, and it comes up with suggestions. This site features categories such as health topics, drug supplements, videos and cool tools. The health topics section features body locations, as well as disorders complete with diagrams. The drug supplement section can be browsed by either the brand name of the medication or the generic name. The videos and cool tools area features interactive tutorial and surgical videos, along with quizzes, calculators and more.


Medilexicon is made possible by Stedman's, whose book publications and other resources are a popular source of medical information, and widely used in classrooms. This medical dictionary site is a free resource and features over 100,000 terms. You can also search for medical abbreviations, diseases, pharmaceutical companies, medical equipment, ICD9 codes, medications, hospitals and more.

Taber's Online

Although there is a charge for this site, it is well worth the fee. Taber's Medical Dictionary Online features over 65,000 definitions, 32,000 or more audios, 1,200 medical images and approximately 120 videos. You can purchase the online-only version of this medical dictionary or a mobile version, which will be at your fingertips at all times, making it an even more valuable tool to anyone in the medical field.

A dictionary for those working in the medical profession is a valuable reference tool that no one should be without. Be sure to invest in a good dictionary that provides you with all the information that you need.

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