Three Medical Software Programs for Use in the Nursing Profession

NursingFebruary 19, 2014

Helpful software has made nurses' jobs that much easier. In previous years, a nurse would have to run to a book to look something up just to confirm information. Presently, medical software is available via various types of media, making it easily accessible and helpful to everyone. This article looks at three pieces of software that are valuable for anybody in the health care profession.

PEPID Professional Nursing Suite

This medical software program is an excellent tool to use at work or to carry on a laptop for on-the-job use. It provides the nurse with all the information needed to provide excellent medical care to his or her patients. This resource gives you an in-depth look into diseases, treatments, patient teaching and more. It also includes a symptom checker, a drug database, a pill identification tool, medical illustrations and other useful information. The program features a drug interaction area, various types of medical calculators and IV compatibility tools, as well. This medical software program is available not only for a personal computer, but also for the iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and iPad.

Skyscape Nursing Constellation All-in-One Nursing Solution

The beauty of this nursing software is that it contains all the nursing essentials in a complete package. It consists of over 600 medical resources and also includes additional information that a nurse would find convenient to have in one medical software program. A drug interaction tool, a drug guide with a dosing calculator, a pocket guide, a diagnosis tool, medical calculators and even a handy medical coding tool are included within this program. This software contains a guide to labs and their meanings, too. This piece of software is compatible for use on the PC, Android, iPad and BlackBerry.

Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary (22nd Edition)

This complete medical dictionary includes over 65,000 medical definitions and more than 100 videos linked to various entries. There are approximately 1,200 colorful illustrations and 12 tools that nurses will find to ease their job. For those hard to pronounce medical terms, this medical dictionary will give you an audio for it, which includes around 32,000 terms to its credit. If you don't speak English, don't worry. This handy dictionary speaks in Spanish and French, as well. Offered for the personal computer, Android, BlackBerry and iPad, this is a must have for everyone in the medical profession.

Photo Source: Flickr