Three "Grey's Anatomy" Characters You'd Love to Know in Real Life

NursingJune 04, 2014

Let's be honest: "Grey's Anatomy" is a Drama with a capital "D." Characters in this show experience an inordinate amount of unfortunate events, romantic upsets and near death experiences. Getting to know these people in real life would only bring the heartache and gut-wrenching emotional turmoil that "Grey's Anatomy" has graced us with over the past (almost) decade. But if you had to pick a handful of folks at Seattle Grace Hospital to get to know, these three would be the ones to befriend!

1. Dr. Cristina Yang

By far, Dr. Yang is the intern that everybody wants to know. She is loyal, individualistic — and incredibly smart. Her friendship with Meredith is the glue that keeps the series together, and her sassy attitude cuts through the other characters' tendencies to bemoan their own lives. She is her own woman who makes her own decisions. Having someone like this in your life to shake you when you are feeling down and inspire you to live by your own rules would be awesome.

2. Dr. Miranda Bailey

Dr. Bailey is a tough-as-nails surgeon that has high expectations of the professionals working around her. Many viewers feel that, should they be admitted to Seattle Grace Hospital, they would want Dr. Bailey as their surgeon because she is 100 percent dedicated to her patients. She paved the way to open up a free clinic; she supported Izzie in her skin cancer treatments; she was late to her own wedding to perform a surgery on a friend's wife — that's the kind of physician that everyone wants. This dedication has gotten in the way of her personal relationships however, as she struggles to maintain a work-life balance with her husband and son. But, who doesn't have that problem? She has relatable sarcasm — with a soft side.

3. Dr. Owen Hunt

Dr. Hunt was a former Army surgeon who came on "Grey's Anatomy" in season five. His background makes him straight-forward, resourceful and independent. In an emergency situation, he can make the decisions that need to be made quickly and intelligently. He's strong-willed, maybe to the point of shutting out people who want to help him. Ultimately, he's a good person who is honest and realistic — the kind of guy you'd want to be your friend in a tough spot.

Being in a romantic relationship with any of these people would be rough, given their demanding jobs and penchant for dramatic life-changing decisions. But the eventfulness of their lives would keep us riveted! "Grey's Anatomy" may not be realistic (especially in the portrayal of nurses), but the characters definitely have us hooked.

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