The Challenges in the Life of a Nursing Student

NursingNovember 13, 2013

You've worked hard and studied diligently to fulfill your dream of becoming a nurse. You've been accepted to nursing school, and you will lead the life of a nursing student for the next 18 to 24 months. If you understand the demands of nursing school, you will be better prepared to persist through the challenges and push through to the end.

Will you have a life?

Absolutely! This is not like a television show in which you will be confined to a hospital for 24 hours straight for days on end. Your social life will not end once you take on the life of a nursing student. Once you become more familiar with the study requirements, you can begin tailoring your study habits to coordinate with this new schedule.

Can I work?

Yes, you can work. If you can manage to work part-time, that would be best. Avoid overnight shifts so your sleep cycle is not disrupted, and schedule your shifts appropriately around classes, tests and clinicals. Avoid taking on shifts that run right up to your classes, giving yourself ample time between the two commitments.

Your typical school week

Your typical week in a nursing program will vary depending upon the school. An example of a typical week would be a test on Monday, class in the morning on Tuesday, class in the afternoon on Wednesday, class in the morning again on Thursday and a clinical experience all day Friday. This will vary of course, but typically every day will be consumed with a nursing school task.

Home life

By soliciting the assistance of your spouse or children, your home life doesn't necessarily have to suffer because you're a full-time nursing student. A bit of planning on your part and letting go of nonessential things, such as daily laundry or an immaculate home, can ease additional pressures while you are enrolled in nursing school. By eliminating things that aren't imperative, you'll find that you have more time to relax and be with your family. As highlighted by, there are many trials and tribulations that face those attending nursing school while also raising a family, but a balance can be created.


A study by Harvard University emphasizes that getting adequate rest will help you retain and recall information. Allow time for relaxation and sleep. Nursing school is not a sprint, it is a two-year marathon. Learn good study and rest habits early on so that you won't become burned-out.

If you managed to score well enough in your prerequisites to get into nursing school, chances are that you possess the necessary study skills to persevere through nursing school. By managing your time effectively, you'll find that your life will not be completely altered by your enrollment in a nursing program.

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