Stress In Nursing and How To Cope

NursingDecember 16, 2013

I think that every nurse would agree that stress in nursing is inevitable. It goes along with the occupation, but stress is not healthy for anyone. Nurses are passionate about their profession, and there is good news for those nurses who find stress overwhelming at times. Managing your stress is not as difficult as some would think. Once you get your stress levels under control, you will find yourself much healthier and happier. Here are some great ways to bring your stress levels down and live life more completely.

Decrease Your Workload

Decrease your workload to accommodate your financial needs comfortably. This would particularly apply to those who have been putting in a lot of hours above and beyond what is required for an extended period. It is great to get ahead financially, but risking your health is not worth it. You will only burn yourself out and encourage future health problems. If this occurs, you may not be able to work for some time. Your health should always be first and foremost in your life.

Encourage Teamwork in the Workplace

Encourage everyone to work together as a team. This will make life easier for everyone. Encourage your co-workers to help others if they finish their work first and have extra time. Have a rule that "we all work together" and discourage the "that is not my job" attitude. As a nurse, you can enforce this if you are in a supervisory position to do so. Be a team worker yourself, and eventually this attitude will catch on. Be a good example. When everyone works together, your stress and others' stress in nursing will decrease.


After being on your feet and waiting on others during a long shift, the last thing that you will want to do is exercise. Do it anyway. You will be surprised at how good you will feel afterwards. Exercise is a great stress reliever and promotes great sleep.


Most people try to skimp on sleep in order to get more accomplished during the day, but this is not a wise choice. You will likely feel fatigued and what you are trying to accomplish will not get completed the way you had hoped. Getting a minimum of eight hours of sleep every night will decrease the stress in nursing that most people feel.

Enjoyable Activities

Spend time with your family and friends, and enjoy doing things that you love. You need to take time for yourself in order to care for others. Do at least one thing for yourself every week whether it be painting, walking along the beach, going shopping or even just soaking in a bubble bath. Do it for yourself because you do so much for others. Be good to you.

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