Spice Up Your Nurse Outfit: 4 Easy Styles for Nurses with Long Hair

NursingApril 25, 2014

Your nurse outfit isn't something that you can control. You must wear scrubs, you must wear comfortable, closed-toe shoes, and some hospitals are restricting all nurses to the same color scrubs and limiting the color of your shoes. But your hair? That's your artistic outlet. Here is a list of four easy hairstyles for nurses with long hair:

1. Braided Headbands

A braided headband does take a little finesse, but once you get the hang of it, it will only take minutes to complete. Plus, once you nail the basics, you can make a headband out of a thin braid or you can make it into a braided crown. You can do one braid or two, you can only do one-half of your head, you can start from the ear or from your part — the possibilities are limited only by the time you have to fix your hair! Also, your hair will be securely out of your face and out of your way while you do some serious life saving.

2. The Gibson Tuck

You will be amazed when you see how quick and easy it is to look so elegant. The Gibson tuck does require some bobby pins, and a decorative clip or pin adds a cute twist. This hairstyle is secure, and you won't have to keep putting your hair up throughout the day, just pin and you're done! As an added bonus, this hairstyle makes it easy to go from your nurse outfit to your after-hours outfit.

3. Add a Twist to Your Boring Pony

Adding a twist to your ponytail adds some visual interest to your long, pulled-back hair. You could also wrap some hair around the elastic, making for a gorgeous creation that is unique and yet totally appropriate for a busy nursing professional. Even without the twist, a wrapped elastic is a chic minimalist look that perfectly complements your monochromatic nurse outfit.

4. The Chestnut Bun

Appropriate for a wedding or a 12 hour shift is the chestnut bun. It takes minutes to do and looks clean and classic. You will want to add this one to your rotation as it easily transfers from a work to formal attire with minimal effort and equipment.

Any nurse hairstyle should be secure and out of your way so you aren't worried about it during the day. It should be professional, because you need to be taken seriously (for me, pigtails don't inspire confidence, although there are nurses who wear them.) And of course, it should be easy to do, because who has a bunch of hairsprays, gels, clips and time to do backcombing and hot rolling? Follow these guidelines or make these recommended styles your own, and your nurse outfit will stand out from the crowd, in a good way.

Photo Source: Flickr