Should You Choose a Specialty Nursing Field?

NursingJanuary 04, 2013

Those who enter the nursing field may find that they want to have even more of a challenge. Rather than simply earning a degree and getting a license to practice, some nurses choose to pursue a specialty field. Your basic nursing education prepares you as a generalist.  If you are happy and content in your current position, then you might not believe that you need to have a specialty, and that might well be the case. However, other nurses are always looking for the next challenge. They might like the challenges that a new area could bring. For those nurses, it could be a good idea. Benefits of Choosing a Specialty One of the benefits of choosing a specialty is already touched upon – the challenge. When you want to learn more about the healthcare field and how nurses contribute, becoming a specialist is going to be a key factor in doing it. You will also find that there happen to be some great options for those who want focus on a particular practice area. Often, the specialists, such as intensive care nurses because of the advanced education that they need, are going to receive higher salaries. Which Specialty is Right? Of course, choosing the right specialty is not always easy. You will have a number of different choices before you, and finding the one that is perfect for your needs can take some time. With the following tips, you should have a much easier time of figuring out which area of specialty is going to be right for you. One of the first things that you want to do is consider the type of things that you enjoy doing. Some nurses might find that working in a hospital is not going to be a dream job. Instead, they may want to work in a private clinic, as a school nurse or in home health. Others may work in psych units, in a prison, or as a nurse administrator. General duty nursing is popular as well. Working in women’s health particularly as a nurse midwife could be something that appeals to you as well. Whenever you are choosing a specialty, you really do want to follow your heart. When you are doing something that you love, it is not going to feel as much like work. Another thing that you have to do is be realistic. If you cave when it comes to those high-pressure situations, choosing to become a trauma nurse or a surgical nurse might not be a great option. Those that handle stress well and who are looking for a challenge could do well in those specialties. The Right Schooling Once you receive your degree and license and start nursing, you should already have thought about a specialty. While you do not have to pursue a specialty field right away, it does pay to think about it so you know what type of career might be right for you down the line. Start researching to see what specialties are available to you now.

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