Personal Business Cards: What Is Best for Nursing?

NursingFebruary 17, 2014

Every nurse should have personal business cards. Business cards are an essential tool in any type of profession. Nursing personal business cards look professional, and they are a crucial piece of information when it comes time to seeking someone out for a job. Here are some tips and ideas for creating the perfect business card.

Have Them Professionally Made

Business cards should be completed by an expert source. You can make them yourself on a computer, but by the time you are finished, you would have spent a lot of time and money. Furthermore, a prospective employer will be able to tell they were made at home, which does not make a good first impression.

How to Choose the Details

The key here is prioritization. You obviously cannot list all of your attributes on small business cards, so you must use the most pertinent information. Information that belongs on your nursing business card include your name, title, mailing address, email address, telephone number and a fax number, if you have one. You will also want to list basic services, if space allows for it. You can list your nursing credentials and your specialty, such as "geriatric nursing".

Designing Your Card

Choose a design that is professional. Flowers and borders look nice, but aren't the best to use in the business world. Choose a neutral color and lettering that stands out, but that is still very legible. Some people have trouble reading lettering that is overly done. Choose a basic style so that anyone can read it.

Distributing Your Cards

When handing out your nursing business cards, there are some things to remember. The first thing is to never be without one. You never know when you will meet a prospective client. Not having a card with you is a missed opportunity. You can always write your name down on a piece of paper, but it will probably get lost or pushed aside. A business card, however, will get tucked into someone's wallet or purse, and it will likely be referenced later on.

Creating your nursing personal business cards can be a fun project. After you have decided what you want on your card, have them done professionally. When they are completed, you will be glad that you invested in them. Always remember to have your business cards on hand. You can stick a few of them in your purse or your wallet, and the next time you meet someone who is looking for nursing services, you can reach in and pull one out. You will make a great first impression and radiate professionalism.

Photo Source: Flickr