Nursing Schools in Arizona: 5 Reasons to Play and Learn

NursingJune 05, 2014


Are you considering attending one of the nursing schools in Arizona? If you aren't, then you should! Arizona is a beautiful, exciting and unique place to live. Here are five reasons that you should look into the Grand Canyon State:

Breathtaking Vistas

People travel from around the world to see the beautiful Grand Canyon. In Arizona, you will be right next-door to 277 miles of amazing landscapes. Consider taking a helicopter tour to see it all — it could be a life changing experience.

No Daylight Savings Time

While the rest of the country is complaining about springing forward or falling back, Arizona abstains from participating in this daytime manipulation. Nursing schools in Arizona continue their daily schedule without the risk of sleeping too late or arriving too early.

The Weather

The rest of the country may think of Arizona as a barren desert wasteland. However, the best kept secret of those in the know is that within the months of October through May, Arizona offers the most pleasant, moderate climate that you will ever experience (at least south of Flagstaff; Northern Arizona follows the same seasons as the rest of the country).

You will know when it truly gets "cold" for the natives because they will be wearing sweatshirts — and maybe a closed-toe shoe. Other than that, it's "flip flop weather" the rest of the year.

Also, the added bonus of living in a desert is that it rarely rains. Wash your car once, and you won't have to worry about the rain ruining your good work. Umbrellas are simply a novelty item.

Phoenix is a Blast

From the US Airways Arena, to Chase Field, Spring Training games at Cardinal Stadium, and Camelback mountain, there is no end of fun stuff to do while you are going to school in Arizona. Not to mention all the night life, the great restaurants and the backyard pool parties! Backyard pools are really common in Arizona, and the swimming season is luxuriously long.

There is also a Light Rail system that will take you from mid-town to Mesa with stops at major points of interest. There are also many libraries and nursing schools, so there are plenty of study buddies and support from students who are experiencing the same adventures as you.

Arizona is All About Variety

No matter where you are in Arizona, you are just a few hours away from something totally different. Ski in the Snow Bowl of Flagstaff; two hours later, you can catch a professional football game. Four hours of travel could bring you to Mexico where you can enjoy a fish taco; in six, you'd hit the beach in sunny California. If none of those appeal to you, why not try cycling in Tucson, visiting the cowboy towns of Tombstone or Bisbee, or checking out the art scene and unique vibe of Sedona?

Nursing schools in Arizona allow you to get the education necessary to pursue the career you want in a setting that is both exciting and full of natural beauty.

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