Nursing Publications You Should Be Reading

NursingJanuary 08, 2014

Among the most rewarding and trusted professions, nursing requires you to keep up with both technical and personal demands. A nurse reading professional magazines, websites, journals and blogs is apt to keep up with news, changes and advances within the field.

Along with general nursing magazines and journals, specialty nurses can access the Journal of Emergency Nursing, MEDSURG Nursing and Pediatric Nursing, among many others. Directories of nursing publications and journals are especially helpful. and are just a few examples.

In addition to magazines and journals, must-have nursing books available to order or found in most libraries include titles such as Lippincott Manual of Nursing Practice, Mosby's Skills and Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary.

General Nursing magazines

  • According to their website, "has been the most trusted source of nursing jobs…award-winning opportunities; compelling news and other resources." With an audience of over 600,000 RNs, the magazine has long supported the "career aspirations of health care professionals."
  • Representing the interests of over 3.1 million registered nurses worldwide, the American Nurses Association (ANA) is a strong lobby for nurses and, among other things, fosters "high standards of nursing practice" and "promotes the rights of nurses in the workplace." Accessible online, American Nurse Today is its official journal.
  • Describing itself as a source for "practical, hands-on information for all nurses," the award-winning Nursing 2013 is by no means limited to scholarly articles. The journal's readers have access to a wide array of continuing education and expert advice.
  • Since 1985, Advance has served nurses as a "provider of education, a host of career events, an online store and so much more." A full service nursing magazine, it produces websites, print and digital magazines, as well as webinars and job fairs, among many other benefits.
  • "is an online community dedicated to providing nurses with professional and personal development information and opportunities." Packed with feature articles, forums, blogs and a host of links, the online magazine does indeed provide a "wealth of content."

Scholarly Journals

  • Among the most recognized nursing journals, the Journal of Research in Nursing "blends good research with contemporary debates about policy and practice."
  • The "oldest and largest nursing journal in the world," The American Journal of Nursing is best known for its peer-reviewed articles, news analysis, "trenchant commentary" and "heart –felt reflection."
  • Serving as "an open forum for articles, manuscripts and letters for RNs, educators…and nursing students," the RN Journal is always seeking submissions from budding writers.
  • Since 1952, Nursing Research is one of the "preeminent" nursing publications, and it strives to "improve care, alleviate suffering and advance well-being.
  • Published bimonthly and filled with "thought-provoking articles," widely respected Journal of Nursing Scholarship is the official journal of Sigma Tau International, the International Honor Society of Nursing.

Nurse blogs

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