Live and Work as a Travel Nurse and See the Country

NursingOctober 22, 2013

As a travel nurse, you can use your nursing experience to see places in the country you may never have thought you would. In nearly every state, there are opportunities for contract traveling nurses. If you have a passion for your job and a passion for travel, an opportunity like this may be for you!

What is Travel Nursing

Travel nurses are employed by companies that negotiate contracts with hospitals to supply skilled nurses. These companies negotiate a rate that includes all the company's expenses for supplying a travel nurse. This includes lodging, relocation expenses, insurance and overhead. These companies then recruit registered nurses to fill these positions. has information about travel nursing as well as other disciplines.

Where do Nurses Travel

Nurses are typically needed in severely underserved areas, and include mostly rural parts of the country. Most of these areas are located within a few hours drive from urban centers in some of the country's most picturesque regions. Just a quick search of a popular company shows travel nurse opportunities in Massachusetts, Oregon, California and Texas.

What's the Catch

These are contract positions for a predetermined length of time, such as six weeks, twelve weeks or six months. It is your responsibility to fulfill the contract length as indicated by your company. If you have family members that rely on you routinely for assistance, travel nursing might not be a route you'd want to take. Also take into consideration that it can get a little lonely if you travel by yourself without a spouse or significant other.

If travel nursing is something you are interested in, your first step is to research travel nurse companies and find a reputable agency. The are nursing forum dedicated specifically for travel nurses that have a wealth of knowledge. Some things to look for when considering an agency:

  • What is their service record to their traveling nurses?
  • Is the wage offer in line with hospital staff rates (wage comparisons by state)?
  • Does the company have housing available?
  • Are company representatives available to resolve employment issues with the hospital?

These are just some of the questions to think about if you're interested in a career as a travel nurse.

If you have completed your first year of nursing and are looking for an opportunity to travel the country, research travel nursing. You may have the opportunity to spend winter seasons in Arizona, spring seasons in Colorado, summer seasons in Minnesota and fall seasons in North Carolina. The opportunities are limitless if you connect with the right travel company.

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