Life After Nursing School

NursingJanuary 20, 2017

Making the transition from nursing school to that first nursing job can be nerve-racking. No longer will situations be theoretical or in a classroom setting with notes and an instructor guiding students through each step.

Now, situations will turn into real patients with real illnesses and needs. New nurses won’t have time to look at their syllabus or notes, yet they are expected to know what actions to take to solve a variety of medical problems.

According to Kelly Hunt, RN, BSN and Immediate Past President of the Nation Student Nurses Association, the biggest difference between nursing school and her current nursing job is that she is completely responsible for patient care during her shifts. She says in nursing school you are provided with all the courses required to gain the skills you will need in the field, but you never truly know what it’s like until you start working.

Dealing with the Demands of a Nursing Job

Shanna S, RN, BSN, adds that nursing is a demanding job. The shifts are long and most new nurses probably will have to stay late multiple times. She says patients often are very sick, in pain and in critical condition. People in these situations tend to not be in a good mood, and often nurses must work through unpleasant situations. As a nurse, you will need to know how to handle these unfortunate situations while continuing to remain positive.

Most new nurses probably find nursing school was a piece of cake once they actually face real-life situations. As a nurse, you’ll be asked tough questions. You might feel overwhelmed, stressed and sad when a patient’s life is lost. However, just as in any other career and anything in life, all new nurses get better with time and experience. No one is an expert the first day on the job.

Nursing happens to be an extremely rewarding career. You will find yourself bringing smiles to peoples’ faces and helping them through the toughest times of their lives. It is rewarding to know you are healing and caring for someone.

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