Keeping Fit as a Busy Nurse

NursingApril 03, 2013

One of the things that plague many nurses is their level of fitness. While it might seem like all of the running around that nurses do will be able to keep them in shape, the truth of the matter is that there is often a lot of downtime. During that downtime, when they are sitting in the nurse’s station or the break room, they are often snacking. Unfortunately, those snacks are not always a healthy option! Eating the wrong types of food, such as donuts and candy, for a quick energy boost will do more harm than good. Keeping fit as a nurse might seem difficult, but here are a few tips to help you stay in top shape. Changing the Eating Habits First, you will have to make sure that you are aware of your eating habits. Many people snack more often than they believe. They will go through an entire bag of chips or candy in a day. While snacking can be bad, it does not have to be. Cut up some fruit or vegetables and bring them from home. You could eat all of the carrots and celery sticks that you like, and you will not be adding the unwanted and unwelcome calories that so many of the vending machine snacks will provide. Snacking is not the only place where you have to worry though. Consider the food that you eat for your meals as well. Keep the meats lean and the vegetable content high, and you will find that it is possible to keep healthy. Drink water too, rather than soft drinks. Even the diet sodas are bad for you. Of course, as a nurse, you already know that! What you know and what you do are often two different things though. Walking on the Break When you have your breaks, instead of lounging in the break room, get out and walk for a few minutes. Even though you might feel tired, the activity of walking and pulling fresh oxygen into your lungs is going to help wake you up. Hitting the Fitness Center Some hospitals have fitness centers or provide discounts to fitness clubs, and the fitness center could be a great place for you to hit the weights or the treadmill to burn off calories and to reduce stress. Simply getting away from the unit on your break is important. Choose a high quality gym, and if you can find one close to your work or close to your home, you will be more likely to go. Find a type of exercise that you like, and you may actually enjoy it. Whether you like biking, walking, or using the tread mill, finding something that is fun for you will encourage you to keep getting into better shape and staying there. More Activity Means More Energy When you start becoming more active and increasing your fitness levels, you will find that you actually have more energy. This extra energy is going to be able to see you through the day, even on those long shift and also assist you in managing your stress. Start getting into the habit of exercising and eating right, and you will be able to keep fit your entire nursing career.

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