Is Nursing Right for Me?

NursingNovember 12, 2013

Have you asked yourself more than once if nursing would be the right profession for you? Have you always wanted to become a nurse? 

There are some things that you need to ask yourself before answering the question "is nursing right for me?" Some of these topics include:

  • Knowledge: Do you have a love of science? Are you fascinated by how the human body works? Once you finish nursing school, your journey of learning does not end. You will need to continue to learn throughout your career.
  • People: Do you enjoy being around people? A nurse seldom operates alone. It takes a team effort to provide great health care to others. If you would describe yourself more as a person who enjoys solitude, you may not feel comfortable working alongside someone else.
  • Giving: Would you rather give than receive? Does the joy on someone's face make all the difference to you? Some people take great joy in caring for others and placing their comforts before their own. If this seems to relate to your own personality, you may find enjoyment in working as a nurse. The nursing profession gives you countless opportunities to give of yourself.
  • Compassion and Sympathy: Are you a generally caring person? Compassion and sympathy for others is probably the most important part of being a nurse. As a nurse you are at the patient's bedside not only to give them great medical care, but also to provide them with comfort and reassurance.
  • Patience: Are you able to wait patiently when you are required to? Do you mind answering the same questions over and over again? A nurse has to be patient as well as, a good listener. The patient may have many questions and will likely want to express their feelings to you. A small comfort of home like an extra pillow behind the head or a second blanket might be just the thing that they need to make them feel better.

These tips may help you to make an informed decision the next time you think "is nursing right for me?" In addition to the emotional aspects a nursing career affords, consider the great benefits a nursing career offers. Be sure that nursing will give you the career that you hope for before you make those dreams a reality.

Photo Source: Flickr