How To Start Your Nursing Career

NursingNovember 25, 2015

----Editor's Note: Updated on 9/7/2018----

If you’re a nursing student or graduate, planning out how to get your career started can be a daunting task. While exciting, the prospect of landing your first job in nursing can be both frightening and intimidating.’s Nursing Notes” offers 15 tips for starting a nursing career from several experienced nurse educators. The advice they offer is based on firsthand experience and may prove helpful – whether you’re looking for that first job, or hoping to move up the professional ladder.

Climbing the Nursing Career Ladder

First, keep in mind that getting any nursing job often is a numbers game. Submit plenty of applications and resumes – but ONLY for positions you want. Accepting a job that’s not for you likely will lead to dissatisfaction. If you have a specialty area in mind – go for it. If you don’t land that position, however, consider another one at the same facility that will enable you to gain experience and show you’re right for the unit you really want. Be sure to research the job and facility before going in for an interview, so you’re prepared to answer questions about the clinical area you’re pursuing. 

Be ready to talk about your clinical rotation, cases you’ve handled, and any challenges you encountered – and how you resolved them. Your practical experiences go a long way toward demonstrating how you’ll react to similar situations on the job. When going for a job interview, dress professionally and always being on time – no exceptions. 

Once you get that first nursing job, align yourself with a good mentor who can help you be more successful. To review all 15 NurseZone tips, check them out here. Nurse professionals suggest keeping in touch with your college because they frequently get postings for the latest openings. Career Services Departments at many Fortis campuses will offer assistance to their nursing alumni (and others), no matter when they graduated. It’s beneficial resource worth exploring. 

Start Your Nursing Career Today

Fortis offers a variety of nursing programs at campuses spread throughout the country.From LPN to RN-BSN bridges, Fortis is committed to training the next generation of nurses. If preparing for a career in nursing at Fortis sounds like a good fit for you, click here to find the nursing program nearest you.

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