How Caring are Nurses?

NursingJuly 19, 2013

On occasion we’ve all seen a negative comment or observation about the level of care patients receive. Sometimes, a nurse may be the target. But, while no nurse can be perfect all the time, the evidence suggests nurses care strongly about their patients, and that the general public has confidence in them. Results from recent nursing surveys demonstrate that the vast majority of nurses are perceived positively. According to the research: “Eighty percent of respondents reported that, overall, they were ‘always’ treated with respect and dignity while in the hospital,” which is up slightly from previous surveys. More than three quarters (76%) said they “always” had confidence and trust in the nurses treating them, also up from previous reports. Everything nurses do is important, and the findings affirm the contributions they make are valued by a significant majority of patients. That’s why nurses must be prepared for all eventualities through their training and continuing education courses. And despite long hours and the demands of their job, they should always remain optimistic – recognizing and celebrating the positive contribution they make to people’s lives. If you’ve been to a hospital and found a caring environment that’s both professional and comfortable, a nurse likely played a key role in your experience. Caring cultures are created and constructed by trained nurses who lead, manage and govern with their patients in mind. Nursing programs can help education, train and prepare tomorrow’s nurses, but they all must begin with qualified student candidates who genuinely care about helping others. If you’re the caring type, check out the many options available to you in nursing at It won’t be easy, but the rewards are worth it!