Have You Considered Home Health Care Nursing?

NursingJune 22, 2015

More and more, nurses are treating patients not in hospitals, but in their homes. The latest edition of Johnson & Johnson’s “Nursing Notes” suggests that demand for home health care nurses is growing. That’s partly because of the emergence of new technology that allows nurses to work outside the confines of a hospital, and partly out of convenience for the patient. But there also are good medical reasons for the transition. 

A study done by Avalere Health found that caring for many chronically ill diabetes, COPD or heart patients in their own home environment resulted in more than 20-thousand fewer hospital re-admissions. The positive outcomes are certainly the most important consideration, but consider the monetary savings of not having to be hospitalized, which can be significant. 

Variety of Opportunities for Home Health Care Nurses

Home health care nurses serve a variety of patients from newborns to elderly seniors with chronic illnesses or disabilities to those recovering from injuries or giving birth. They help assess their patients’ home environments, oversee medications and work with families to manage symptoms and expectations. Perhaps the most fulfilling aspect of home health care nursing is being able to focus on the patient and design an individualized care regimen that’s based on each patient’s needs. The gauge of a good nurse extends beyond the physical care he or she provides to the patient’s experience during that care and satisfaction following it. 

Barbara Burgess, CEO of Pathways Home Health, Hospice & Private Duty believes the “personalized, effective care home health care nurses can provide leaves patients satisfied.” It takes a special kind of person to become a nurse and a special kind of nurse to fill the home health care role. 

Become a Home Health Nurse

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