Four Must-Follow Pinterest Boards for Nurses

NursingJanuary 28, 2014

Pinterest boards for nurses are all over the social media website. In the midst of crafts you will never do, nail designs that don't turn out as expected and difficult recipes that make your mouth water, you will find gems of nursing knowledge and humor that can carry you through nursing school and beyond. Here are the top four Pinterest boards for nurses.

1. Chelsea Thom: Nursing School

Full of exceptional infographics, this board offers a great deal of information that will help you in nursing school. It is pretty heavy on heart, liver and kidney problems, and these are very important organs, so it's material that you will need to know. Follow this board if you want to learn more about these areas.

2. Jamie Grant: Nursing School

Our friend Jamie has excellent taste. With over 230 pins, she has gathered a wide variety of extremely useful information from the vast corners of the interwebs. Metabolic syndrome? Yes, please. Six tips to get an IV the first time? Don't mind if I do! You could spend a few hours on this board learning about so many things, with sprinkles of hilarious quips throughout. Definitely follow this one. 

3. Brooke Spake Cornell: Nursing School

With several pins that cover a review of just about every system, from circulatory to urinary, this is a good board for aspiring nurses who are looking to get their feet wet. However, she has also included pins that discuss successful NCLEX strategies and information for nurses in the field. Thus, it's a board for everyone, no matter where you are on your nursing journey. Hours and hours of great information make it one of the best Pinterest boards for nurses.

4. Fabulous RN

This pinner has nine separate boards with different categories of nursing humor and culture. Nursing is a profession that requires a lot of physical and emotional investment from people, so it's always good to blow off some steam with humor. This board does highlight pins with some salty language, so be aware of that aspect. But, if you can handle it, this board is highly recommended for it's nursing school humor, Ryan Gosling memes and general sassy attitude.

** Nurse Nacole: While this isn't technically a Pinterest board, this resource is so good that it should be included for any aspiring nurse because the information presented is so specific and helpful. Nurse Nacole covers topics on nursing school including how to balance your school and personal life, passing the NCLEX, general nursing knowledge and much more. All of this material is presented on Youtube via video. Nurse Nacole has over one hundred videos, and she is sure to answer some of your burning questions about nursing.

So there you have it: Hours and hours of nursing knowledge for you to pin and peruse right at your fingertips. Don't forget to sleep and eat; you will need the energy to try the elaborate recipes and crafts from your other Pinterest boards.

Photo Source: Flickr