Fashion Faux Pas: Giving Nursing Uniforms the Respect They Deserve

NursingJanuary 13, 2014

Just because half of your wardrobe consists of nursing uniforms doesn't mean that you are immune to fashion blunders of the most serious kind. Most scrubs have a somewhat standardized look about them, but you should still put thought into how you wear them. First impressions are everything, and there's nothing that will spoil a patient's confidence in a health care provider faster than one who looks unkempt and unaware of their style. Believe me, people will notice. Nursing uniform stores are popping up all over, offering many varieties of scrubs from which to choose. Besides the obvious advice to keep them clean, folded, stain-free and in good condition, follow these three steps to create that professional, well-educated look that you've worked so hard to achieve!

Pattern Overboard

Flip through any catalog that sells nursing uniforms or visit your local scrub store and your eyes will ache while you take in all the loud, fun and crazy patterns that are available. Conveying a professional image to patients is essential, and it only makes (fashion) sense to keep the patterns understated and at a minimum. If you do choose to wear patterns, never dress in them from head to toe. Wear a themed top but select bottoms in a quiet, neutral color that matches and adds a touch of calm to your uniform.

Square up Your Sizing

Scrubs can be tricky to wear because they never seem to be true to size, so it is imperative to try them on before you buy them. Rarely, if at all, do scrub catalogs or nursing uniform stores let you return a worn item without a penalty, so be sure of what you're buying first. Tight-fitting scrubs can be very uncomfortable on the job and don't leave much to the imagination if they cling the wrong way. Scrubs that are too loose-fitting tend toward a sloppy, careless look. Remember, you'll likely be sitting, bending, reaching and squatting in your profession, so practice these maneuvers in the dressing room to make sure everything stays in place. If you find a brand you love and are sure of your size, then it's safe for you to purchase through a catalog or online.

Happy Feet

A nice, crisp uniform paired with old, worn out shoes doesn't exactly scream professionalism. For a polished look all the way around, take care of those tootsies and invest in quality, comfortable athletic shoes or something specifically made for those in the field of medicine. Many athletic shoes are safe to drop in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, so there's no excuse for a dirty sole. Keep them clean and in good condition, and they should last you for years.

Follow these easy steps for how to best wear your nursing uniform, and make the most out of your career in medicine. Don't become a fashion faux pas!

Photo Source: Flickr