Dr. Robert Anders – What You’ll Need to Start Nursing School

NursingFebruary 24, 2015

Textbooks are a given. When you attend nursing school, you should be aware that your books will be expensive…and also very important for your learning. Don’t try to save money by not buying them. If you attend a nursing school, textbooks may be included in your financial aid package. This can and will vary by institution. Ebooks are common and offer many advantages, including being downloadable to laptops and mobile devices along with helpful hyperlinks, video clips, and the ability to tag information or underline important concepts. 

I would advise that you also have a computer, printer and smart phone. Laptops often are the best computer choice because they can be taken into class so you always have access to the Ebooks or other online resources. Some nursing programs may include a laptop as a part of your fees – see what your school offers before purchasing one on your own. A good, high-speed inkjet printer will be invaluable for printing papers, web searches and more and access to a smart phone puts information at your fingertips when you need it most, such as in clinical environments. Ask if your school offers a reduced-cost smart phone package for nursing students. 

Those are expected requirements for almost any program. As a nursing student, here are a few essentials you may not have considered: uniforms and shoes, and a nursing supply kit. You will need at least three sets of uniforms. The school will tell you what type of uniform must be worn and could include your first uniform as part of your fees. The nursing school patch will have to be sewn onto the uniform sleeves. You’ll also need a nametag…and well-fitting, comfortable shoes. As a student nurse, especially while at your clinical site, you’ll be on your feet almost continuously, so don’t skimp on the purchase of good, comfortable shoes. 

Finally, you’ll be required to purchase a nursing supply kit that has such things as a stethoscope, syringes, catheters, gloves blood pressure cuff, and other medical supplies needed for your clinical skills labs. While your school will have some of these available in the labs, as a student, you are expected to have the supplies you’re going to need to practice the various skills. You can purchase supply kits in school bookstores or through online vendors, such as Pocket Nurse

If you have questions, Fortis may have your answer. I encourage you to check out information on nursing programs. Ready? Then it’s time to start your first class! Dr. Anders directs a 13-state Fortis network of nursing campuses encompassing more than 5,000 students and 38 nursing programs.