Do You Think You May Apply to Nursing School? Knock Out These Core Courses

NursingNovember 13, 2013

If you plan to apply to nursing school in the future, even if it's only a remote possibility, ensure that you tackle these core courses early on to ease the application process. Look over course catalogues for colleges you're interested in to see what prerequisites are required for an application to nursing school. Here is a list of the most common courses required to apply to nursing school, as highlighted by

English Composition

Nearly every college major requires at least one English composition course. Most English composition courses can be completed in an online setting, making it an easy class to knock out early on.

College Algebra

With apologies to those fearful of mathematics, college level math, often Algebra, is a requirement for nursing school. Nursing does not require higher order math, but it does require some Algebra like calculations for dosing requirements. Math calculations in pediatric nursing are especially important as the vast majority of medications are given based on weight in kilograms.

Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and physiology are major components of nursing school. Some schools require the completion of two courses in anatomy and physiology with a lab component. Some colleges are getting creative with online classes, which may allow you to perform your lab requirements with photographs and experiments at home.


Understanding germs and their life cycle is necessary in nursing. Microbiology courses are offered with a lab component and the ability to perform the classroom components online. Most likely, labs will be conducted on campus under the supervision of an instructor. You'll be learning how microbes grow and under what circumstances this occurs.

Human Growth and Development

Human growth and development will provide you with insight into the emotional and psychological development across a person's lifespan. This is important for nurses, especially those that intend to pursue careers in pediatrics or geriatrics.


Psychology is the study of mental functions and behaviors relating to the brain. This basic understanding of how the brain functions will be helpful in nursing school when it comes time to complete your coursework in psychiatric nursing.


Due to the diverse population of the United States, it is necessary to understand how health care is delivered from a cultural perspective. In addition to cultural considerations, socioeconomic factors now play an important role in health care delivery.

While each college has its own specific course requirements for nursing school, these core courses will provide you with a solid foundation. Not only can these core classes be applied to nursing school, but they can also be directed toward paramedic school, physical therapy and any number of health care related courses.

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