America's Nurses: Travel Nurse Erica C. Has Helped People Near and Far

Travel nurse Erica C. loves being a nurse and enjoys meeting new people. When she was in her late teens, she knew that she wanted to become a nurse someday. She went to school to become a licensed practical nurse and began to work with the elderly. Around this same time, she also developed a new love for travel, realizing how much she enjoyed the adventure of visiting new places. Seeking to further her career, Erica pursued a "bridge" program, which enabled her to obtain her registered nurse licensing credentials in less time than if she had taken the program on its own. Since she was already a licensed practical nurse, she only needed to extend her studies and continue on to become a registered nurse.

Erica finished her degree program with honors. "I was so excited to start a new career in nursing and was also proud of myself," she said. "It was a challenge and I did it. I knew that once I became a registered nurse that more doors would open to me and they did." Knowing of her passion for traveling, one of Erica's family members recommended that she look into travel nursing jobs. She knew immediately that she would love this type of nursing. She was single and had no real commitments in her life, and she was ready for a new adventure. Erica signed on with a couple of travel nurse agencies, which offered her a plethora of nursing assignments, both near her family and out of the state. "Being able to combine my love of nursing along with my love for travel just sweetened the thought of this even more so," Erica said. Being a traveling nurse has given her the chance to meet a variety of people and expand much more in the health care field.

According to Erica, most people ask her if she gets lonely. "With all the great things in modern technology these days, I have to honestly say that I am not lonely." Erica mentioned that if she does miss her family and friends beyond what technology can provide, but she can always hop on a plane and come home for a visit. Erica also noted that any loneliness is often combated by the generosity and care of others. "One year during the holidays, a family that I was involved with invited me for dinner. This really touched my heart."

Erica expressed how much she loves her nursing career and would not want to be doing anything else. "This is a dream fulfilled," she said.

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