America's Nurses: Pediatric Nurse Amanda J. Comforts Children

NursingFebruary 16, 2014


Pediatric nurse Amanda J. considers it a gift to be around children. "Their innocence and refreshing spontaneity bring joy to my heart," she states. "I could not imagine working without a child nearby."

Amanda J. always dreamed of being a wife and a mother someday. She noted that she knew from a young age that she would become a nurse. "I am a nurturer. I have known that since I was very young. I always had to have something or someone to take care of. My family would call me 'the little mother.' I would carry around my dolls and pets for long periods of time. This is what I enjoy doing, and it makes me happy."

After high school, Amanda enrolled in college to pursue a nursing degree. "I wanted to take care of people," she states. "I feel compassion for them. If I can bring just a bit of comfort to them, I feel good." Amanda J. had always loved anything related to science and learning about the human body was fascinating to her. She also noted the kindness and compassion of her professors and the knowledge they imparted to her. "It was a great time in my life."

Following graduation, Amanda took a job at a nursing home to gain experience. "Second to taking care of children, I love taking care of the elderly. They are amazing." After a few years, Amanda moved on and accepted a job as a pediatric nurse in a rehabilitation facility for handicapped children. "It was a day program where we would help them keep their muscles strong by exercising with them. We also did a lot of crafts and learning. I would take a patient for long walks outside in their wheelchair. It was a peaceful time."

After working with handicapped children, Amanda J. got the job at the hospital where she currently works. "I am, of course, a pediatric nurse here. I could not picture myself doing anything but this. Children are a part of my heart. I enjoy easing their discomfort when their families are unavailable to them, especially because they are not well. I would hate to see any child sitting in a hospital bed, scared and lonely."

Amanda states that she does not plan on changing jobs anymore. "I am staying put. I have found my home here with the kids. We laugh, we play, we read together and have long talks. Where can you go to work and have all that?"

Photo Source: Flickr