America's Nurses: Meet Ob Nurse Sara M.

NursingFebruary 06, 2014

As an ob nurse, Sara M. notes that the best part of her job is witnessing the miracle of birth. The second greatest part is working with the new mothers and their babies. There is a great deal of joyfulness in this branch of nursing. There are the occasional sad moments when you lose a child or a mother, but the happier moments greatly outweigh this aspect of ob nursing.

"I had always loved babies and knew that someday my work would involve them," Sara states. "As I neared the end of my high school years and had to decide what my course of study would be in college, I chose nursing. My dream was to be an ob nurse."

After college, Sara began her first job working with handicapped children. While she found this work to be very rewarding, she continued to think of working with new mothers and their babies. "After a couple of years, I was accepted into our local hospital, working on the labor and delivery floor," she says. "I was ecstatic. I rotated between working in the nursery and working directly with the new mothers. I also taught classes to new moms and dads on how to care for their newborn."

"Teaching a new mother how to diaper or nurse her new baby is a very rewarding experience. You can see the awkwardness turn to confidence in a new mother. You know that you are partly responsible, and it is a great feeling. You know that the new baby will be well cared for, and this is very reassuring." Having had such a positive response to her teaching capabilities, Sara was put in charge of training other nurses on how to perform these duties. "I was given a promotion after working there for a couple of years, which made me extremely happy."

Sara M. states that she does not see herself in any other type of nursing position and hopes to be an ob nurse for the remainder of her career. "I am very happy here. I work with a fantastic group of doctors and nurses. There is nothing quite like the feeling that you get when you send a new mother and baby home to start their life together."

Photo Source: Flickr