7 Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile as a Nurse

NursingApril 03, 2023

Graduating from nursing school also means getting your professional profiles put together for job applications. A LinkedIn profile for nurses is a must because LinkedIn is the largest online job network for professionals and a great way to connect with others in the nursing and healthcare fields. 

Connecting strategically with people in your field allows you to learn more about opportunities for nursing. 

Here are 7 elements your LinkedIn profile should include. 

A good headshot.

It doesn’t have to be taken by a professional, but it should look professional. People want to know who they’re connecting with. A good smartphone can handle the photo, but someone with portrait experience will know how to help you pose. 

Your nursing credentials.

In the profile field where you list your last name, include your nursing credentials (LPN, RN, etc.) and your academic degree (ADN, BSN, MSN, etc.) after your name so they show up right at the top of your profile with your name. 

A descriptive headline.

This is the line just below your photo and your name. Make sure it captures what you do, not just where you work. Do you work in pediatrics or the ICU? Include that if it’s something you want to highlight. 

A well-crafted summary of strengths, skills, and personal attributes.

After your headline, a prospective employer will look at your job summary, and it’s crucial yours captures who you are. Write it in first-person and describe your experience, strengths, and personal attributes that contribute to your nursing expertise. What makes you stand out?

Your work experience.

This section is where you list your jobs and other related experience. If you have previous work history before nursing school, consider whether it contributes to your nursing goals. But don’t eliminate unrelated jobs without consideration because they can demonstrate important skills, such as ability to work with people. A career advisor may be helpful with what to include/exclude. 


Prospective employers like to know who they’re hiring, and recommendations provide proof of your abilities. People who can write LinkedIn recommendations for you include professors, preceptors, mentors, nurse manager, or someone else in a supervisory role.

Personalized URL.

There’s a place in LinkedIn where you can edit your public profile to create a personalized LinkedIn address (something that looks like Include that link on your resume, cover letter, and email signature so people can review your profile easily. 

LinkedIn takes a little practice to learn how to maximize its strengths, but it’s worth putting in the time. Look for LinkedIn workshops on campus or online to learn more about how to build your nursing LinkedIn profile.

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