5 Ways to Gain Natural Energy at Your Nursing Job

NursingMay 28, 2014

You may find that gaining some natural energy at your nursing job is a necessity. As a nurse, you'll need to not only keep awake, but be very alert when you are taking care of others. After all, the health and safety of a patient depends on you. Here are five ways that a nurse can keep alert and "on her toes" using a variety of energy boosters while on the nursing job.

Diet is Key

A combination of protein and carbs is a surefire way to add natural energy to your body. Combined, they create a slower digestive process and will also increase your blood sugar levels for a longer period of time. Some good examples of this include peanut butter, low fat cheeses and whole wheat products, such as whole wheat breads and crackers.

Take a Hike!

Walking or any form of exercise is a great natural energy booster. A walk around the facility that you work at during a lunch break, or even around the inside of the building, will recharge you in just a short time. Many health care facilities have a walking route or a walking group to join since walking is known to be a natural stimulant for the weary mind or body.

Stay Hydrated

Water is the best fluid that you can give your body. Water will keep you hydrated, which will keep your energy levels high. When dehydrated, you may find that your body will become fatigued rather quickly.

Sit or Stand Up

When you don't stand up straight, your chest cavity can become very crowded, which is difficult for your lungs to expand easily. Insufficient lung expansion can cause oxygen deprivation and impair your functionality. Maintaining good posture is more important than you think.

Break Time

If you skip your break time, you are not giving your body the rest that it needs. Even just 10 minutes to sit down and clear your mind will help you to maintain higher energy levels. Be sure to take breaks and have a small snack. Another great thing to do on your break is to meditate: Breathe deeply and let it all out; sit back in a quiet corner and close your eyes; try to think of nothing at all.
These little tips on how to keep your energy levels up will make your day less stressful and less tiring. It will give you the coping skills required of a busy nurse. When you are able to take care of your own needs, you'll better be able to assist others.

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