5 Top Nursing Songs to Put in Your Music Playlist

NursingMarch 05, 2014

As a nurse, the days can be just as long as the nights when you are on the job. A music playlist just for nurses is the thing that will keep most nurses awake and moving. If the nursing station allows a little background noise, some tunes might be just the thing to keep everyone's spirits up!

Here are five nursing songs that will help those nursing hours seem like a breeze:

  • Night Nurse by Gregory Isaacs: Nurses feel special and loved when they hear this song. Isaacs sings that he doesn't want a doctor; a nurse is "the only remedy" for him. He knows just how valuable a good nurse is.
  • Stayin' Alive by The Bee Gees: Keep this song in mind should you ever need to perform CPR, it's got an uplifting beat that is sure to keep a nurse focused and moving. A nurse on a night shift may also want to play this tune if she wants some help staying awake for her nursing shift. This song needs to be on every nurses music playlist.
  • Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.: This song is a great reminder to those who are sick and those who are well that "everybody hurts sometimes" in life. If a nurse feels like giving up, all she has to do is play this song and she might not feel so alone anymore.
  • Fix You by Coldplay: For anyone who has ever lost someone after a long illness: This song is for them. A nurse knows that she cannot always "fix" someone who is dying from cancer or another type of disease. Ultimately, when the struggle is over, a nurse may still feel as if she didn't succeed. In that moment, she might find that it is okay to just let the light "guide them home".
  • Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel: A nurse sees her patients at their worst. Sometimes, the nurse is the only friend around. This song is very calming and will comfort a patient who is either down or in pain. As a nurse, you have the power to ease your patient's mind with a soft, gentle voice or a calming hand upon their forehead.

Nurses need to help each other get through each and every day. Team work is the best way a nurse can show how much they care for their patients and one another. A little music can make for a light-hearted atmosphere, which can be encouraging to all.

Photo Source: Flickr