5 Signs You Are Destined For A Career In Nursing

NursingMarch 06, 2014


Have you ever thought about a career in medicine? Are you a kind-hearted individual that has genuine sympathy and compassion for others? If you answered yes, you may be destined for a career in nursing. The healthcare industry is always in need of qualified nurses who are dedicated to their career and patients.

There are multiple nursing prerequisites that must be fulfilled before an individual chooses this career path within the healthcare industry. However, you should take the following 5 signs as positive indicators that you are destined for a career in nursing:

You Have A High Tolerance For Blood

As a nurse, you are exposed to all sorts of scenarios that involve blood, strange odors, internal organs, feces, urine, bodily fluids and more. You must have the stomach for it and be able to deal with these exposures with regularity and grace.

When nursing students are gaining early experience in the field, they always have to clean up patient messes and deal with unpleasant situations. If the sight of vomit or blood makes you sick, you might find this career very challenging. However, if you're adaptable and have a strong stomach, nursing could be for you.

You Are Highly Disciplined

A career in nursing requires self-discipline and constant drive. You must be motivated to get through each day and to keep yourself organized at all times. As a nurse, you will use that discipline and drive to memorize charts, medical codes and other operating procedures in the healthcare field.

You Thrive Under Stress

When you enter the field of nursing, you must know how to manage stress on a daily basis. If you become frazzled when anything goes wrong or during a chaotic event, you might not be ready for a career in nursing. Nurses must know what to do in crisis scenarios and emergent situations as well as how to prioritize them. If you deal with stress in a safe and efficient manner and don't allow it to impact your functionality, you will likely excel in the area of nursing.

You Work Well with Others

A nurse must know how to work with teams of other nurses. A dedicated nurse also knows how to work with an variety of patient. As a nurse, you must be comfortable talking to scared and upset patients who may be in intense pain and who may need mental and physical support.

Balance Your Life

If you are good at balancing your family life, relationship, personal time and career, you will probably find that a nursing career is perfect for you. If you can reconcile the, at times odd, scheduling of a nursing career with your family, personal, and "me" time, you will excel in this field.

It is important to remember that nursing is one of the most respected careers in the healthcare field. Helping others can reward you through making their days shine a little brighter.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons